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Never again complain about expensive data subscription fees

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Never again complain about excess airtime purchases

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Never again complain about poor bank interests over saved money

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Never again complain about doing online business...we keep our words


Buy data subscriptions at cheaper rates and not have to worry about length of delivery as our data delivery is fully automated


  • 1GB ₦270 monthly
  • 2GB ₦540 monthly
  • 3GB ₦780 monthly
  • 4GB ₦1,080 monthly
  • 5GB ₦1,470 monthly
  • 6GB ₦2,400 monthly
  • 12GB ₦3,400 monthly
  • 20GB ₦4,850 monthly
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  • 750MB ₦485 bi-weekly
  • 1.5GB ₦950 monthly
  • 2GB ₦1,160 monthly
  • 3GB ₦1,450 monthly
  • 4.5GB ₦1,935 monthly
  • 6GB ₦2,450 monthly
  • 10GB ₦2,895 monthly
  • 11GB ₦3,880 monthly
  • 20GB ₦4,840 monthly
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  • 500MB ₦450 monthly
  • 1.5GB ₦900 monthly
  • 2GB ₦1,150 monthly
  • 3GB ₦1,375 monthly
  • 4.5GB ₦1,800 monthly
  • 11GB ₦3,600 monthly
  • 15GB ₦4,500 monthly
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  • 1.35GB ₦440 bi-weekly
  • 2.9GB ₦880 monthly
  • 4.1GB ₦1,350 monthly
  • 5.2GB ₦1,800 monthly
  • 7.7GB ₦2,250 monthly
  • 10GB ₦2,800 monthly
  • 13.25GB ₦3,750 monthly
  • 18.25GB ₦4,600 monthly
  • 29.5GB ₦7,400 monthly
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@ Niffy Networks we satisfy our CLIENTS by Offering Quality Services to them such as:

Bulk Airtime sales
Bulk Airtime sales

You can now easily buy Airtime in Bulk, on all Networks, in the comfort of your home or workplace, at convenient prices.

Real Estate
Real Estate

Own lands, comfortable and luxurious apartments at a location of your choice. For sell-outs and updates, check out latest offers, Contact Us using the button below.

Mobile/Internet data subscriptions
Mobile/Internet data subscriptions

Niffy Networks has a variety of mobile data plans from major mobile networks in Nigeria - MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9Mobile. We offer fast and stress-free online mobile data recharge service with data plans for every need and budget. You can get mobile data in seconds with us. Enjoy the ease of paying online and receiving your mobile data in seconds. There is no need to buy airtime first or dial any code you may find difficult to remember.

Why choose us?

@ Niffy Networks, customer satisfaction is our priority, we have gained the trust of our customers by offering quality service over the years.


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Join the company of Resellers at Niffy Networks to enjoy plans at cheaper price and other benefits that comes with it as shown below

User - Free

  • Purchasing plan
  • Contact Saving System (5 max)
  • Dashboard
  • Guide Page

Reseller - ₦2,000.00

  • Access to cheaper MTN data rates
  • Purchasing plan at discounted price
  • Contact Saving System (unlimited)
  • Analytical Dashboard
  • Detailed Guide Page
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In other to serve you better we at Niffy Networks will always keep on upgrading and adding new Features to our Services

What's new on NIFFY NETWORKS?

Hello World!!! this is NIFFY MOBILE APP

Hello World!!! we are glad to inform you that we have started working on our mobile App for both Android and IOS in other to serve you better.

  • This will enable you to securely purchase data online.
  • Simplify your user Experience.
  • Quick Navigation and Responses.
  • Track and Awards our user.

Coming Soon!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

This Section answers questions asked frequently by our users.

You can send yours using the Contact us section or

Are payments secure??

Your payment and card details are entirely safe & secure.

Will I get data subscriptions immediately after making payments?

Yes. Your data order delivers to you automatically after payment. At any time of the day you make an order.


Your Questions, Inquiries and Comments are very important to us.
We would be very happy to answer them all and set up a meeting with you

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